Grizfest Has a new site

Dino High Tech Solutions proud to reveal this creation

Launching soon, Check back for a link!

Kasperksy uncovers "The Mask"

Targeting government institutions, energy, oil & gas companies

One of the most complete cross-platform viruses ever found with versions for linux, android, os x, and iPhone. More remarkably the entire operation was rolled up just hours after it was detected. On a related note I have copies of Kaspersky's fantastic Internet Security suite for sale! You can also get a free 30 day trial here.

Vobfus Virii

Symbiotic relationships lurking on PCs and Networks

I'm surprised we don't see more botnets and trojans take advantage of this AV weakness. Could easily become a trend. BBC Story here.

Paul from North Carolina has nearly reached his $50,000 kickstarter goal

He has reinvented the sound of guitars

I'm not a musician but I have enough of them in my family to know that this goes way beyond your typical guitar mods (pedals etc). Click here to learn more!

Google's driverless car in practice

I have heard a lot of doubt about the usefulness of a driveless car. "Who would want such a thing" or "I couldn't possibly give up control" are typical statements. I'll admit I only recognized the potential for streamlining rush hour. But I was sold the moment I saw this blind man eating fast food with two hands in the drivers seats. Think how wonderful this would be for the elderly! Teenagers too for that matter (Full disclosure: I was a bad teen driver). Forbes has said this will be a multi-billion dollar industry.